Thursday, September 9, 2010

what's new pussy cat?

How about $175 for splint placement on a 19-year-old cat? On top of the fees paid during the weekend to the emergency vet.  We all know how inexpensive that proposition is.

Sweet Lou-Lou is chillin, getting used to her 8-inch bandaged front arm/leg.

Is it wrong to laugh at her walking around?

Then again, she's deaf, so she won't know.  We're not laughing at her, we're laughing with her.

Apparently her other leg had some damage and is repairing itself.

Miss Independent wants to get around, dragging the peg leg besides her.

She'll be bandaged up for 8 weeks.  God help us.

She's too much.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I "heart" my vacuum

It's a fairly new addition to our family, but it's fitting in quite nicely.

With 5 four-legged creatures living here, fur tends to gather.  Even with hardwood floors, it gathers.  Between this vacuum and my microfiber clothes I sweep up my floors with, I can keep the house from looking like the ding-a-lings own it (they'll tell you else wise).

It's the Bissell Pet Eraser Vacuum

It does it's job well, my carpets feel fresh and fluffy every time I vacuum, and my toes are happy.  It has these great little attachments for vacuuming up pet fur, etc., off of couches, chairs, blah, blah.  I does great on my hardwood floors, too.  Stupid Berber carpet is downstairs in our house and I've found putting it on the "bare floor" setting, really does a good job sucking everything up.  Also, with a press of a button with your foot, the cord retracts - no more of this bending up and down putting the cord up - who's got that kinda time?

Oh, more importantly - has a HEPA filter that is WASHABLE (not shouting at you, just happy about that fact).  In fact the gunk collector, filter, other cone filter cyclone thingee, are all washable.  No more bags, filters, etc. to purchase.

Me lovee, you may, too.

Well, this was just my little ol' opinion about this vacuum, Bissell doesn't even know I exist.


Tuesday, September 7, 2010

my sideboard...

Well, that's what I'm calling it.

I purchased it on Craigslist for a whopping $50.00

I actually think it was a desk credenza in a previous life.

After gaining some confidence reading other blogs of folks that have done this, I purchased Altar'd's ebook, studied, purchased items, took a deep breath, and went for it.

Unfortunately I didn't take a "before" picture I'm bad about this, sorry, but it was dirty, and well, brown, dark brown.

But I glazed the finished piece, applied polyacrylic, new knobs (which are from Ace Hardware, a fun shiny brown that has a pewter sheen to them).

And voila!!  Here it is.  I'm so proud of myself, more of this creativity coming out at 42.  I'm going to be painting our dining table and another dresser come October, and I promise to take "before" pictures.

Purty, huh?

Thank you, thank you, (bowing, bowing).

Have a great evening!


what the heck I've been up to....

Hey Everyone (and probably just 1 follower, but I'll make believe there are more people out there reading my blog).

Well, I've had a busy 3 weeks, what about you?  Here's a brief rundown:
  • Sister's birthday
  • Redoing my sideboard - I'll post about this later
  • Sewing slipcovers for my chairs - again, I'll post about this later
  • Organizing for our 2 week trip next week
  • Working at my consulting jobs
  • Oh, and the topper of this, the past weekend, my 19-year-old cat broke her elbow (I guess that's what you'd call it)
So, fun, craziness, etc., all a part of my normal life.

But, I'll catch you all up in upcoming posts.

Have a great day!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Keeping this 42-year-old face dewy and wrinkle-free is hard work

This lovely little face has stuck with me through thick and thin.

I've learned to take care of it by learning from my first teacher, my Mom.  When I was younger she used to sell Jafra skin care as a side job while being a stay-at-home mom/wonder woman.

I remember their face mask stuff - minty and oatmeal - yummy.  And they had this lovely Royal Almond Jelly - I can still smell the scent.  And it was in a gold glass jar and she used every little drop that came out of there.

But it was at Mom's elbow that I learned to delicately pat the areas around your eyes and not to pull the skin on your face - just pat - the moisturizer you're using will get in there without shmearing your skin.  Mom is aslo the one that I got my first eyebrow tweezing from - this involved ice cubes to numb the eybrows...we'll save this story for another time.

I'm thankful for Mom's lessons.

Now that my skin is a bit older and wiser, I've found some items that I'd like to share with you to help keep your skin all purty and stuff.

  • #1 favorite item - my Clarisonic - I purchased the Plus system, which you can use in the shower - oh yeah.
  • DHC Care - a skin care company based out of Japan - love their oil cleanser (don't be scared by the word "oil", it really cleans your skin).  And Olive Virgin Oil to pat on your face as a light moisturizer.  Since olive oil is now becoming the darling of facial care, it's kinda fun that I've been "in" on the good stuff for about five years, now.
  • Laura Mercier make-up - love, love, love this stuff.  I had tried the mineral make-up route, but it left my face "flat".  For awhile I really didn't wear any make-up, but I'm trying to make an effort and put my face on every day as not to scare the townfolks.  Purchased the starter kit through Sephora, so worth the extra nickels.
  • While not skin care, I need to put a word out regarding Frizz, yes, that is the name of the product from Living Proof - as in no frizz.  With my my thick, yet fine, naturally curly on top, straight/wavy underneath hair strands, this shampoo and conditioner is a God-send in my neck o'the woods in the South.  I've just gone through one of the most hot and humid summers that I can remember and this stuff stood up to the test.
Well...this has been your helpful hints for your face segment from Que What Who.


Friday, August 20, 2010

Appliances Know When Their Warranty Is Up

Yesterday was a crazy day - starting with my getting up way too eary at 5AM?

You may think 5AM isn't that bad, well not when you finally get off to sleep around 1:30AM.  Sleep and me have not been going well over the past few months. 

But I digress.

So, in being up at that unfortunate hour, got myself a glass of ice water.  What the?  No light in the freezer.  What the?  No light in the fridge?  Not good. 

Discovered a breaker had switched - got the hub-bub up to hellp with that part (no biggie, he'd be getting up in 45 minutes, anyway).  Fixed that - still not working.

You know what?  Appliance repair people aren't up around 6AM - the nerve!  So after calling 3 companies, I finally hear back from one and schedule a visit to the abode.

Well, to make a long story short, one of the fancy electronic motherboard died - on a 14 month old fridge.  Ordered the part from GE, got here this morning, fridge fixed this afternoon, now I have a working fridge, again.

I also have a deep freeze that I've been wanting, too.  Needed something to hold our frozen items - wasn't going to let all of that go to waste.

So that is what I did yesterday - I was one tired girl.

Now on to the weekend.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

If They Come a Knockin'....I'll be answering the door

I love my husband, let's get that out here.  He puts up with my quirks, redecorating, rearranging and my goofy family.  He's heaven sent.


You know, if that man (or woman for those of you) comes along and he asks for me and he's on my list, well...I need to go.  The List, you are familiar with this, aren't you?  Men have this list to, don't let them fool you.

So, presenting my list, in no specific order:
    Colin Firth
Jeremy Renner

    Eric Ripert

    George Clooney - Who's list is he not on?

Ewan McGregor

You know what...I know I'm forgetting someone, I'll keep you posted.

The List - who has one?